27 ft 2 Story Lava Twist 5615-03

27 ft 2 Story Lava Twist 5615-03

Setup area: 55x37x32

Age Group: All Ages

Actual Size: 50x32x27

Outlets: 2


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WOW! At almost three stories tall and fifty feet long, this inflatable water slide is a total thrill ride the whole way down! Our 27 foot tall, Dual Lane Lava Twist is sure to make your party erupt with great times; we are positive that you will not believe your eyes when you see how much GIGANTIC FUN this water slide is! The weight limit for this jump is 500lbs. This rental's based price is for 6 hours. If additional rental time is needed we do offer overnight rental which is 25% extra 

** The Lava Twist requires 2 water sources